HB Kiwanis History

We’ve been around a while, serving the Hermosa Beach community for nearly 100 years. Our Hermosa
Beach Kiwanis Club was founded in 1926, shortly after the parent International Kiwanis
Organization formed in 1915, and just two decades after the incorporation of Hermosa Beach in 1907.

In July, 2023, we celebrated our 5,000th regularly scheduled meeting.

Kiwanis Hall on Valley Drive was built in 1957 by local contractor and Kiwanian Austin Blankenship. The hall was deeded to the City of Hermosa Beach with the understanding that the club would be responsible for its upkeep and maintenance and in exchange the building would be ours to use for meetings and events in perpetuity. The monies we receive from the hall rentals are dedicated for the
hall’s ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

The Kiwanis Hall has always been a hub of community activity, and has hosted hundreds of weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations across the years.  

Our club and hall have been an essential part of the growth of Hermosa Beach as it has become a desirable location to live, work and raise a family—a lot of that due to the hard work and funding raised by the Hermosa Kiwanis.  

While our community has evolved since its founding more than a century ago, the Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club maintains the same spirit of giving back, mentoring, camaraderie, and friendship.   

    • $350,000 to various local charities

    • $200,000 to Hermosa Beach schools

    • $300,000 in Scholarships 

    • $100,000 National Charities 

    • $120,000 Local Sponsored Youth

    • Provided over 100,000 Hours of Community Service

  • 1926 C. H. (Cap) Salinas
    1927 E. B. Clark Jr.
    1928 J. David Glover
    1929 George V. Learned
    1930 Charles D. Jones
    1931 Don S. Hayes / CL Reinbolt
    1932 Arden R. Matthews
    1933 C. Ma Anderson
    1934 Arthur A. Nelson
    1935 T. C. Sheehan
    1936 George Simmons
    1937 Collamer A. Bridge
    1938 Glamiion Reah
    1939 Logan R. Cotton
    1940 William G. H. Russell
    1941 T. E. Goggins
    1942 R.W. Chase /T.C. Sheehan Jr.
    1943 T. C. Sheehan, Jr.
    1944 Charles Taft
    1945 John R. Haworth
    1946 Glade L. White
    1947 Lloyd Nicholson
    1948 Lawrence Hull
    1949 Carl G. Arfwedson
    1950 Gus Cusenza / Kenneth Ward
    1951 Edward G. Meyer
    1952 Dr. Paul C. Barr
    1953 Charles J. Smith
    1954 Dr. Max Webber
    1955 Richard J. Young
    1956 Cleo C. Smelser
    1957 James W. Gladhill
    1958 Eric Rafter
    1959 Austin Blankenship
    1960 C. E. (Pat) Tarver
    1961 James E. Edgerton
    1962 Richard L. Thompson
    1963 Floyd Olson
    1964 William D. Hamilton
    1965 Edward Engle. 1966 Seymour Bilowit

    1967 A. Bernard Lettunich
    1968 Harry L. Smith
    1969-70 Dr. Charles Imai
    1970-71 Steward McDonald
    1971-72 Rev. Harry Chillington
    1972-73 Robert Crawford
    1973-74 Richard Knight
    1974-75 Charles McCann

  • 1975-76 Dave Louvorn
    1976-77 Lloyd Patefield
    1977-78 Dave Naramore
    1978-79 Eugene Palmer
    1979-80 Larry O'Conner/E. Palmer
    1980-81 Jim Fucile
    1981-82 Ken Thompson
    1982-83 Mike Frandzel
    1983-84 Ed Janik
    1984-85 Cary Bichlmeier
    1985-86 Tony Molino
    1986-87 Joe Diaz
    1987-88 Paul Amarillas
    1988-89 John Woodall
    1989-90 Frank Hallstein
    1990-91 Merle Fish
    1991-92 Dallas Yost
    1992-93 Anthony Altfeld/Richard McCurdy
    1993-94 Earl Feys
    1994-95 Harold Roberts
    1995-96 Michael Schubach
    1996-97 Cathy McCurdy
    1997-98 Jerry Compton
    1998-99 Greg Ronkainen
    1999-00 Bob McEachen
    2000-01 Carol Lawson
    2001-02 Sam Abrams
    2002-03 Tony Lombardo
    2003-04 Rick Koenig
    2004-05 Greg Wyatt
    2005-06 Terry Bose
    2006-07 Pat Love
    2007-08 Mike Miller
    2008-09 Cedric McRae
    2009-10 Joni Ackerman
    2010-11 Adriene Slaughter
    2011-12 Michael Goergen
    2012-13 Jeff Maxwell

    2013-14 Mark Goldstein
    2014-15 Howie Seeb
    2015-16 Lisa Shea
    2016-17 Cedric McRae
    2017-18 Cedric McRae
    2018–19 Cathy McCurdy
    2019–20 Lucas Commiso
    2020–21 George Barks
    2021-22 Rick Koenig
    2022-23 Rick Koenig

    2023-24 Glenn Menard